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Injury or Pain?  Choose Physio

Are you in Pain? If so, you have come to the right place.

Physiotherapists are trained to help people restore, gain or maintain strength, mobility and function to help people get the most out of life. 4 Life Physio Pinjarra's team are passionate about providing the best physiotherapy service in the region.

The biggest limiting factor for most people being able to do what they love, and the problem that most patients present to us with is pain. Pain comes in many different shapes and sizes and has numerous different causes. Our expert team of physiotherapists are highly trained and experienced in the management of all musculoskeletal conditions, sports injuries, neurological disorders, occupational health physiotherapy and injury & post-operative rehabilitation.

There are many different techniques that your physiotherapist can use to help assist your recovery. All of our physios take part in regular training and development to allow us to stay up to date with the most current scientific research to keep us at the top of our game.

Some of the most commonly used physiotherapy treatments are:

  • Joint manipulation and mobilisation to reduce pain and stiffness

  • Soft tissue mobilisation (massage)

  • Acupuncture and dry needling

  • Exercise prescription

  • Strapping & taping techniques

  • Electrotherapy Modalities (Eg Shockwave therapy)


At 4 Life Physiotherapy Pinjarra we understand that every patient is different and strive to give our patients the results they crave, whether this is to be able to walk down the street without knee pain, be able to get through a day at work without back pain or a quick return to playing their favorite sports. This is why we are committed to providing minimum 30 minute consultations - 50% longer than the industry standard. We feel this extra attention allows us to provide you with the best possible service and give you the best possible results.

At your initial consultation your physiotherapist will:

  • Discuss and set your personal treatment goals.

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of your injury and any factors contributing to it.

  • Provide you with an accurate diagnosis and recovery timeframe.

  • Give advice and education on how to best manage the problem.

  • Develop a treatment plan based around your lifestyle and goals.

  • Provide evidence based, effective treatment.

  • Provide you with an exercise program to help with your recovery.


Physiotherapy has been proven to help with a number of common problems such as: 


If you are ready to give pain the push then get in touch to book your physiotherapy consultation today and get started on the road to recovery and a better quality of life.

Want the next available Physio appointment?

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