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Want the next available Podiatry appointment?

Suffering from foot pain? In need of nail care? Require orthotics? Choose Podiatry

Podiatry is the area of Allied Health dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and management of medical conditions and injuries of the foot, ankle and lower limb.

The expert team at 4 Life Podiatry Pinjarra have the knowledge and experience to provide all of your foot care needs to the highest quality. We are committed to finding the right solution for you and your feet and know that our thorough initial assessments allows us the time required to resolve all underlying issues, ensuring a full recovery and minimising the risk of recurrence. This means our patients leave with their feet comfortable and pain free, getting them back to 100%, doing the things they love sooner.


Some of the services we offer include

  • Biomechanics & Orthotics

  • Nail Care & Surgery

  • Dry Needling & Acupuncture

  • Shockwave Therapy

  • Diabetic Footcare

  • Corns, Callus and Plantar Warts

  • Mobilisation & Fascial Release

  • Barefoot Rehabilitation


Podiatry has been proven to help with a number of common problems such as: 

  • Heel Pain

  • Flat Feet

  • Bunions

  • Mortons Neuroma

  • Forefoot Pain

  • Achilles Tendonitis

  • Shin Splints

  • Knee Pain

  • High Foot Arches

  • Ingrown Toenails

  • Cracked Heels

  • Children's Feet

Our Pinjarra Podiatrists cater to people of all ages and backgrounds - we treat children, young professionals, amateur and professional sports people and the elderly.  We take the time to tailor our consultation to the needs of our clients to ensure they get pain free and back to full function as quickly as possible.

Our Podiatrists work closely with our in house team of Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and Remedial Massage Therapists as well as with local general practitioners and specialists.  Appointments can be made directly on line.

Want the next available Podiatry appointment?


If you are ready to get that bounce back into your step, then get in touch to book your podiatry consultation today. Most Podiatry services are also covered by private health extras cover.

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