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Benefits of sports massage and taping

Sports massage is a specific type of massage that treats and prevents sports injuries. It works by stretching and stimulating tight muscles and improving the condition of soft tissue. It helps reduce the stress and tension that can build up in the body from exercise or strenuous activities and correct soft tissue muscle imbalances and aids in recovery and prevent injury.

Any injury or condition that can reduce an athlete’s performance has serious effects on their careers on and off the field. Regular sports massage help reduce the risk of injury, and prevention of re – injury. Having massage both before, after trainings and game, helps warming up and loosening the muscles and reducing muscle tone which gives then puts them in a better condition for the athletes chosen sport.

Sports massage isn’t like your remedial massage, sports involve more passive and active stretching, deep tissue and tapotement. Unlike remedial massage which involves more trigger points, MFR (myofascial release).

Athletic sports taping involves applying tape directly to the skin to support and stabilise vulnerable joints. While sports taping isn’t a guarantee against re-injury it does provide many benefits.

Benefits of using sports tape:

- Joint and ligament support

- Rehabilitation

- Reduce swelling

- Psychological benefits (comfort taping when injuries are completely healed or routine taping)

There are two different types of taping Ridged and Kinesiology.

Ridged taping is strong and has very little Elasticity. It is mostly used on ankles knees shoulders and elbows, as generally when these areas of the body are injury you want to reduce the limited range of motion that joint produces to prevent re injury when returning to play.

Kinesiology tape (rock tape) is a very thin stretchy elastic tape. Kinesiology tape is Designed to move with your body, it doesn’t restrict any movement. Kinesiology taping is also used to help reduce swelling and bruising as it helps move the fluid though the lymphatic system.

Please note as mentioned earlier sport taping isn’t a permanent fix or guarantee to reduce the risk of re-injury. it is there to assist in the rehabilitation of the joint/ligament/muscle and help the athlete develop their confidence for preforming and reduces further damage to the injured body part.

By Emily Schofield - Remedial Massage Therapist

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