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Say Hello to Tennis Elbow!

Have you ever experienced pain on the outside of your elbow? Does the pain sometimes go down your arm affecting how you move your hand and wrist? Is your elbow that tender to touch or inflamed?

Say Hello to Tennis Elbow!

Tennis Elbow (also known as lateral epicondylitis) is a condition that is caused by tendons in your elbow being overworked or overloaded causing pain.

Repetitive contraction of your forearm muscles can cause stress on the tissue which could result in tiny tears in the tendon.

The exact location of the pain is where the forearm muscles attach onto the outside bony part of your elbow that sticks out.

This can cause:

  • The outside of your elbow to be tender to touch

  • Pain running into your forearm or wrist

  • Inflammation

  • Weakness in the area

  • Restricted movement at elbow joint

You do not have to be a tennis player or an athlete to get tennis elbow, anybody can develop this condition. Many contributing factors can include your occupation, repetitive activity or movement, type of sport you play or mobility.

Some common arm movements that can lead to tennis elbow can include:

  • Using hand and power tools

  • Working on a computer typing or using a mouse

  • Cutting up food

  • Cleaning (mopping, vacuuming, wiping)

  • Cutting or blow-drying hair

  • Painting

  • Carrying heavy items

  • Racket sports

You’re probably thinking yes, I am experiencing some of these conditions now what do I do?

Never fear remedial massage is here!! Along with Physiotherapy, we can help relieve the pain you are experiencing with different techniques that can include deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, dry needling, and other therapies.

Some of the benefits that remedial massage can provide to help assist include:

  • Helps prevent further injury

  • Increased blood flow to the area

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Decreased recovery time

  • Increased range of motion to elbow, arms, and wrists

Along with remedial massage treatment and physiotherapy treatment, it would be a good idea to adjust your everyday activities. We understand it can’t always be the case as your occupation or activity requires this movement to fulfil the job required. However, a good idea would be to add some stretches and exercises to your daily schedule which will help build strength in the area as well as resolve it.

At 4 Life Physiotherapy, we can all work together to create the right treatment plan for you. Please contact the Pinjarra clinic to book an assessment and prevent that Tennis elbow from getting worse.

Remedial Massage Therapist

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