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Sports Massage

Whether you are a competitive athlete, a weekend runner or someone simply trying to keep a healthy lifestyle, regular Sports Massage can provide many benefits.

Sports Massage is an application of massage that focuses on treating minor and chronic injuries and/or improving sports performance. The type of technique applied is dependent on the nature and stage of training or competition, sports injury or condition, and the assessment of the client.


Sports Massage involves the objective assessment and treatment of amateur and elite athletes alike, focusing on prevention and treatment of sports-related conditions.  The Sports Massage therapist can also work with athletes to help them to achieve their sporting goals - from pre and post event massage through to sports-specific muscle work.

Sports Massage therapists generally use a wide range of techniques, such as manual therapy, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation, active and passive stretching, kinesiology taping and more. Releasing tightness in muscles is key; as the muscles around joints relax, joint movement will also improve. Increasing the blood flow and nutrients to the muscle helps with muscular mobility and flexibility which in turn enables muscles and other connective tissues to slide over each other much more easily and helps reduce the development of scar tissue. 

It’s worth noting that although a sports massage is never meant to be painful, it can get fairly uncomfortable at times as practitioners hone in on a problematic area. 

Sports Massage can help:​

  • Prepare athletes before competition

  • Maximize athletic performance

  • Prevent against sporting injuries

  • Assist in subsequent recovery from training and competition

Sports Massage is an effective adjunct to your training regime.  Let us help you to reduce injuries, increase performance, speed up recovery, reduce inflammation and most importantly - get you back to the sports you enjoy!


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